Most people who are traveling around the world do so for a very specific reason. Either they are trying to do so for business purposes or they are vacationing, but whatever the case may be, they are getting their entire routine messed up. Many people don’t even realize that the simple act of flying can be unhealthy for your entire brain and body, which can cause significant side effects. Some people have issues with their weight when they travel (for a host of reasons), but then there are other issues that can come into play as well.

The best way to stay healthy on a plane while you are traveling is to simply not eat at all. This will be the easiest way to get into a ketotic state (ketosis), which is also known as banting in some parts of the world. When you are on a banting diet, you’ll find that you have far more energy with less food.

dubai holidayThe reason less food is good is because of the negative food options you have while you are working on the road. It is nearly impossible to stay healthy and one of the best ways is to avoid everything altogether. Even if it seems like a bad choice in some ways, it’s actually far better when you consider everything together.

If you find that banting diets are difficult it is because you do not have the right banting recipes! There are literally hundreds of delicious ways to stick to a banting diet while you are on the road. Most of them include copious amounts of fat (such as coconut oil), which is actually quite healthy for you in the long run.

One of the greatest things that you can do is fasting in order to get into a nutritional state of ketosis. This will help the banting diet because you will have chemicals produced in your brain and body called ketones. These ketones are going to be your fuel source for your brain if you are not eating a lot of carbohydrates and this is going to be great for the long-term. Most people who use banting diets find a tremendous host of benefits as a result.

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