From the western world, try to consider the furthest point on the opposite side of the globe. For many in the west, the furthest point is Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. This location is one of the longest, which means it has the most changed time zones, a healthy dose of jet lag, and few options to avoid this. Of course, for anyone who is trying to avoid long hauls and the sickness that comes with it, there are a few health tricks that we have up our sleeve.

Instead of succumbing to the jet lag and health problems, we are going to give you the solutions so that you can enjoy your Dubai holiday and get back to what is most important for holiday

Avoiding Jet Lag in Dubai

Of course, the primary concern of Flight Health is to make sure that you remain healthy while you are traveling and if we didn’t touch on jet lag on the longest duration flight away from the western world, we wouldn’t be doing an adequate job!

Melatonin is going to be your friend if you are trying to maintain an adequate level of health while you are flying abroad. Most people who fly long distances do not realize that the reason they have jet lag is because their circadian rhythm has not caught up to them. This means not only that you have a hard time staying away (or falling asleep), but you also could have downstream negative effects.

Some people take activated charcoal when they visit long-distance places like Dubai so that they can improve their gut biome and prevent any long-term damage. The activated charcoal soaks up the toxins and this can be very useful.

Sleep Quality and Control

One of the things you cannot control is how good your sleep quality is when on a plane. Often this is because of the issues that come with long-distance travel. You can do a few things to get adequate rest. For one, do not take any kind of sleeping pill. This might help you to sleep in the short-term, but is not a good long-term option.

Also, it is a good idea for you to consider having some kind of carbohydrates in the evening so that you can have the brain chemistry that is conducive for sleeping. You can also bring herbal remedies like lemon balm and similar natural options, but it is even more important when you are headed across the world to Dubai!

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